Monday, October 11, 2010

Today is my Birthday!

It's here my big birthday. At 7:07pm this evening, I will officially be 30 years old. I have a lovely dinner planned with some lovely friends at a great local restaurant. And today is the last day to enter my Birthday Giveaway, and I will announce the winner tomorrow!

I was reminiscing about birthdays past and I thought I would share a few of my favorites.

My 6th Birthday- My birthday party was at Showbiz Pizza (which was later bought out by Chuck E. Cheese).My parents woke me up super early to give me my birthday present which was a Corn Silk Hair Cabbage-patch doll. This was a huge deal to me because my doll had real hair instead of yarn hair and her name was Evelyn Amber and she shared a birthday with my best friend.

At my birthday party I got a My Little Pony Tea Party Set and I was ecstatic. It had hundreds of little piece that I'm sure my parents were thrilled about...they later became the destroyers of a vacuum. It was a wonderful day of skee-ball and cheap pizza.

My 11th birthday- I received my first CD boombox and a copy of At the Playground by Another Bad Creation. I had a sleep-over and my friends and I choreographed dances to Iesha.

My 16th Birthday- My dad was out of town and my mom let me have my very first co-ed party after a football game. We had scary movies playing the the basement and a kitchen full of food. I received the Empire Records Soundtrack, Reality Bites Soundtrack, and Lisa Loeb and the Nine Stories Album. And I was in love with Lisa Loeb! I follow her on Twitter.

And finally, My 21st Birthday- A college friend and I had the same birthday so we had a combined party at  a friend's apartment. I was running late getting off work and when I got to the party it was being busted by the cops for noise violation. My 21st birthday was a little lackluster, but my mom came to visit me the next day and we went out for margaritas.

How about you, any birthday memories stick out?


Mr. Herbst said...

On my 18th birthday, Bandera had a flood with ten feet of water and the one bridge out of town was taken out by a renegade falling cypress tree. I got to spend that birthday week with my family stuck in the house until the flooding went down! The only place that was accessible by road was a Family Dollar. My parents went there and bought me a totally awesome yo-yo (I have been obsessed with yo-yos since I was two but have still not mastered that impossible skill) and a toy cell phone which was full of candy. The big surprise however, was my parents had the foresight to buy me a big cellphone. It was one of the old, thick ones with the green screen which were still really expensive and could only make calls and the only game was SNAKE and a leather holster so I could impress girls. They also bought me a lotto ticket so maybe they wouldn't have to pay for the half of my tuition not covered by scholarship! It was a absolutely rockin' birthday!

CAPow! said...

what a trip these pictures are! happy birthday!

Alycia (The Curious Pug) said...

happy birthday!!!

Mrs. Miller said...

happy birthday! wish i was there!!!

Mrs. Miller said...

ps i changed my blog url today