Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Anniversary Recap

Oops! I should have blogged about my killer Austin Anniversary Weekend earlier but I'm a slacker this week. We got a late start which was fine with us. Patrick shoots Friday night football so he doesn't get home until 2 or 3am Saturday morning and so we took our time heading out of town.

When we got to town, we checked into our hotel and headed down to Guadalupe. We went to Urban Outfitters, where a super nice sales guy helped us with the grand selection of lomo cameras and we decided to get the Mini Diana with the flash. It shoots 35mm and gives you two options...square frame or a diptych rectangle option. It's so freaking cute. I can't wait to get this roll developed and see what I got. By the way, 35mm film has got a bit pricey since I last purchased a roll.

urban outfitters

Then we went to Momoko Bubble Tea house for our very first bubble tea experience. They were adamant about no photos, so I will just have to describe it's majesty. Floor to ceiling covered in Sanrio, Manga, and super Japanese goodies. The menu was extensive and I was clueless. Patrick order the Pearl Milk and I got the Dragonfly. It was interesting and delicious, but the sun had set so all you get is this crappy picture taken in the car. I'll have to try it again before I make my decision of whether I like it or not, but I get cross something off my 31 before 31 list. Yeah!

We ate at Mekong River on 6th Street. Spring rolls and vermicelli bowls with jasmine tea. It was super yummy. An added bonus, live blues music across the street and the weather was perfect! Then we walked around 6th Street and decided to go play shuffle board at Buffalo Billiards. I am horrible but it was super fun. Patrick taught some fellas how to play. We ended up switching to pool a little late, which I am still horrible at but I had fun anyway.

Sunday morning we got some film and headed over to South Congress Cafe, my favorite spot for breakfast in Austin. Patrick had Crab Cake Eggs Benedict with chipotle hollandaise sauce. I had the spinach, artichoke, and portobello omelet with green chilie salsa. Yum! And for breakfast desert, a slice of Carrot Cake French Toast. Double Yum!

We wondered around Whole Foods for a while and went to REI, Patrick's favorite. Here, we tested possible camping chairs.

We wondered around Anthropology and I tried on some dresses. Then we spent a good while in Book People book store. We discovered our friend's portraits (Texas Tara) in the 666 Photography book.
All in all it was a wonderful weekend and we made it home in time for The Walking Dead, my new favorite show!


Louise said...

Happy anniversary again, Brooke! I am so excited about your new Diana... they are awesome! I have a Holga, but I wouldn't mind having a Diana in my possession!

Diana said...

Happy Anniversary (belated). Sounds like a wonderful weekend!

I have a Diana that uses 120 film, and it's so pricey! I think I need that adapter for 35mm (but I know, even 35mm is pricey to buy and develop)

Amanda said...

Love the new camera, so cute! Did not know Austin had Urban Outfitters! Good to know.

Carrie said...

That might be the cutest Diana ever! I hope you'll post your photos when you get them developed!