Monday, November 15, 2010

Mix Tape Monday

Weekend update...
Friday Night- Went to the George Lopez Show, decided he was not my cup of tea, but the opening band was amazing!
Saturday- Worked a book drive and wrote a paper.
Sunday- Crocheted 3 infinity scarves, pattern to be posted (as soon as I take some pictures), watched The Walking Dead and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. My husband and I watch all the Harry Potter movies leading up to the release of the new movie. I'm so stoked!

Today's play list is completely chill. I just had an incident at work that made my blood pressure sky rocket and I need to relax, the result is this lovely play list that brought me back to center. It also kinda matches the gray chilly weather outside (I'm loving it!). Get a cup of coffee or tea and prepare to be lulled.

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Mrs. Miller said... you! i spent my weekend watching harry potter on abcfamily and knitting, since i still haven't got the hang of crocheting. today i am painting the walls and hopefully making a curtain :) i miss your face! i'm counting down the days until i find out about this job...fingers crossed. hope you have a good/better day!

Gidget said...

Very good mixtape! Love your musical tastes.