Monday, November 1, 2010

Mixtape Monday


Before my weekly play list, I thought I would recap the weekend.  Not a whole lot going on, we had an extremely low key Halloween weekend and sadly Patrick was working for most of it. And, I forgot to charge my camera batteries so I have no pictures. Dang.

Mini Weekend Recap

1 Went to a generic rock show. Had it not been free and the lead singer not been my friend's cousin, I would have stayed my pretty butt on the couch crocheting and watching scary movies. They put on a good show, but covered Nickelback (vomit). But here in the void of decent live music, I take what I can get.

2. Had lunch with a friend who moved away and he gave me presents.

3. Went to a Halloween party as Nancy Botwin from Weeds which means I went as myself and carried a latte. Not that I am a pot dealing soccer mom, but I have been told on several occasions I look like her. Patrick dressed as a hitchhiker except he wore a backpack and a sign that said "Portland, OR." Patrick and I left earlier, her had worked a 15 hour day and was exhausted.

4. Patrick's parents drove down from Lubbock to have lunch with us because today is Patrick's Birthday!

5. Watched The Walking Dead on AMC...amazing!


I'm not sure if this play list actually has a theme. Mostly, it's what would be playing in my car if my CD player actually worked...hopefully a new car is in the cards for 2011.

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And just in case anyone was wondering...I completed my October goal. I did not thrift for a whole 31 days! 

And for my new November goal, writing a novel, it's time I started cranking out some words.


Louise said...

You're writing a novel?? About what? Do tell!

Great job on reaching your October goal! You ROCK.

Brooke Ann Dove said...

So far it's about girl moving across the country, semi-autobiographical. I'm having a blast with it.