Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Obsession

With the recent edition of the Mini Diana to my toy camera family (pictures to come...), I have been increasingly drawn to some of the great new lo-fi camera goodies. In my search for the Holga Tim, I found this amazing website full of the greatest toy camera loot. Hey Dad, this is a great place to start for Christmas, hint, hint.

For all things toy camera related.
Camera shaped purse, build your own TLR camera, lo-fi digi cam...it' all here.
Need that hard to find film? Yeah, they got it...110 for the spy cam!

digi cam

• USB plug integrated in camera
• 1280x1024 Pixel Image size
• f2.8 Lens, 100 asa
• Micro SD slot built in!
• 720x480 @ 30 frames per second video

Camera Bag
Choose from black or brown
 Camera Kit
You build it and it shoots 35mm film... it's extra craft goodness.

For any of you have have a photographer or photog-wanna-be on your Christmas list, this is a killer place to start!

1 comment:

LT said...

I have my own love at the moment.

I'm checking out the Four Corner Store though, maybe I can add to my collection. :-p