Monday, November 22, 2010


If I were to awake one morning having magically acquired some sort of musical talent and landed myself a sweet record deal where I was allowed to release an album of covers of my choosing, this play list might resemble my platinum selling album. tee-hee!

Lots of the songs I chose have a story or remind me of people I love, but I realized that  it's a bunch of oldies. I think my parents have influenced my cover choices significantly. John Prine for my dad and Loggins and Messina for my Mom. Joni Mitchell and Natalie Merchant for old friends and Johnny Cash for my husband.

And Walking in Memphis, also for my dad. We stopped in Memphis when he drove me from Indiana to Texas to drop me off at college. My dad is a blues fanatic. It was so cool to be in the city with him and hear live music rolling out every doorway on Beale Street. He loves Memphis.

Broadripple's Burning for my brother who introduced me to Margot and the Nuclear So and So's, probably my favorite band. One of my happiest memories is the two of us going to a Margot show.

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If you became a rock star (or are currently a rock star), what song would you cover?

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