Monday, December 13, 2010

Weekend Recap

First off, I would like to thank everyone for their kind words in wishing my cat a speedy recovery. He is doing much better and no longer angry with me. Thanks for the support!

Saturday, A friend from work invited a couple of us over to make lasagna and crochet. She was in charge of the kitchen and I was charge for crochet instructions. I'm kicking myself for forgetting to take my camera, because it was hilarious!

We start the afternoon by preparing the lasagna. Carrie, my friend from work, decided to quadruple the recipe so we could enjoy lasagna that day and also to take one home to freeze. She pre-chopped most of the veggies, so we just cooked, and browned and assembled. But, it took about 3 hours. The kitchen was all a frenzy with four women trying to do their part to create this meal.

After the lasagna was in the oven, we sat on the couch to crochet...the days lesson, double crochet. I started teaching Carrie to crochet back in October. She knows her pace and announced to be that after months of single crochet, she was ready for a new stitch. I first taught our other to friends how to chain and start creating rows for a scarf, they both picked it up really fast. So when I sat down to teach Carrie the double crochet, they joined in as well. It was such fun!

Saturday, I also attended a Christmas party. Again, I forgot my camera...and I wanted to take a picture of my get-up it was so cute. I wore an ivory trapeze dress from H&M and a black blazer with black tights and cranberry platform heels. I really liked it and will definitely wear this combination again. The party was full of great conversation, pomegranate-cranberry cosmos, and pretty little Christmas rum cakes.

The next morning we attended the Christmas Cantata at a friend's church. It was beautiful! There was a full orchestra and I was completely enamored with the harp musician. And one of the professors at our university sang a solo and his voice was very warm, it was wonderful.

Sunday evening Patrick and I met up with our friend Toro. He is planning a trip back to Cambodia, his homeland and invited us to come visit him while he's there. Toro is such a generous and giving soul. It would be an amazing experience and I hope it all works out.

Even though I forgot my camera, I had a wonderful weekend. And now I have laundry and packing. I head to Indiana on Wednesday to see my little brother graduate college. I so excited to see my family again, and the extended family I haven't seen since last Christmas. And it's been snowing so I hope I get to see some when I get in the snow! I won't forget my camera!

Anybody something fun this weekend?

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