Friday, January 7, 2011

9/31: See My Brother Graduate College

Crossing off  an item from my 31 before 31 list...

Because of my concurrent sicknesses (thank you for all your warm wishes of recovery!), I have been delayed on posting a holiday recap. I don't want to bore you with the mundane, so I just what to hit on a couple of high points and the first my brother's graduation.

Photo by Patrick Dove, my loving husband!
Yep, there he is, waving at his screaming family. My brother is now a proud graduate of Purdue University. As far as graduations go, his was a speedy version. Just names on the screen and live video of each candidate receiving their diplomas and shaking hands with the faculty.
So as soon as he came up on the jumbo-tron, the whole family started screaming and cheering and he looked up at the camera and gave a wave.

Here are the obligatory cap and gown and family pictures...

Mom & Jake

Dad & Jake

My happy family

Jake and JoAnna

He started his grown up job this week, He's a working man now!


Congrats lil' bro, I couldn't be prouder!

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