Monday, January 17, 2011

Fashion Bloggers

As you know, I've been student teaching which requires a more professional wardrobe than I wear working at the TV station. I'm a thrift store shopper at heart and aim for comfort in my outfits. So, I have been collecting fashion blogs as inspiration and thought I would share some of my favs!

Adventures in Fashion

- great outfit posts
- super cute style
- lots of pics

Shades of Monet

- daily outfit posts
- lots of pictures
- she's not afraid of hats!

Coffee & a Cardigan

- daily outfit posts
- bold color choices
- adorable shoes!

Stolen from Grandma

- cute outfit posts
- vintage abundance
- and she's Australian!


- gorgeous photos
- clean vintage style
- and she sings!


- adorable style
- includes detail pictures
- creative fun photos

Hopefully, there are a few new names for you to check out. I'm trying to muster up the courage to wear tights with my open toed shoes, these ladies have inspired me. Any daring fashion trends you're thinking about trying out?

Do you have a favorite fashion blog, please share I love daring fashionista! Or,


Patrick Dove said...

Here's another one for you.

I found it last week.


andrea said...

good picks! I like wish wish wish

Shy, Chesterfield said...

Hey! Thanks so much for featuring me here! Totally unexpected and totally appreciated!

I love .

Her posts are written like they are straight out of a magazine. Serious quality!