Sunday, January 23, 2011

See the Beauty Challenge

My friend talked me into taking an adult ballet class at our local studio. It's a mix of ballet and modern with a sprinkling of pilates and yoga. I was once a dancer and loved ballet, but have lost all the grace I once had.

After the first class, I could definitely tells which muscles I no longer use and will now have to strengthen again for class. I'm not planning on dancing in front of anyone but my classmates and our instructor, but I do feel just a little silly. Maybe because the room next to my class is full of graceful nine years olds.

But I bought my first pair of ballet slippers since I was fifteen, and praise the heavens I don't have to wear the leotard and tights!

But signing up for ballet made me think of all the things I think I'm too old for now and have decided that's crap! I'm not too old for anything! The youthful spirit needs to be ignited in me and I am committed to doing so.

I'm not too old too take ballet classes.
I'm not to old too sign up for roller derby (Sorry, Mom.).
I'm not too old too watch teen dramas and MTV.
And I'm definitely not too old  to go swing at the park.

"Youth is happy because it has the capacity to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old."
— Franz Kafka

So this week, I am making a goal to connect with my inner child and go swing at a playground. I will see the beauty in the simple things and cherish my inner child!

What will you do this week to see the beauty?


andrea said...

You're never too old for teenage films. Also never too old for: cartoons, tulle skirts, laughing whenever someone says PISS

Mrs. Miller said...

what is your roller derby name going to be? i took some ballet lessons when i first got to college and it was a beginner class with little girls and i was super can ask my sister she was there

alovelylittleworld said...

I love this post. It's so.... true and it's great to be reminded.
Also, I really love teen movies from the past three decades. They are definitely my favourites. And teen fiction and teen fashion in the sense that they aren't afraid to try outlandish combinations.

Cee said...

This is such a great post! I think we (read, I) often get caught up in thinking we're too old for things just as an excuse not to take risks! I will never be too old for cartwheels, merry-go-rounds or cartoon movies :)

Carilovelygirl said...

That's the best thing we can Share, the Beauty that is inside of us!. For me Now at my 33 years old, I feel like if I were 17 again... is not that I always felt this way, first I had to heal myself from many years of an Ill heart, mind and soul... but now my life is Just starting exactly when I stopped living life at my 17, and is the way I feel it has to be... is the energy inside, is what you have on your mind, is to have dreams always, is to be curious, is to take risks every time, is watch your favorite cartoons on TV while you laugh so loud, is to go to the supermarket and buy your favorite Cereal or Ice cream, or play on bed with your Jelly Belly's in front of your husband... I am still a little child and I embrace that feeling that grows everyday!