Sunday, February 13, 2011

Let's play catch-up

I've had a couple eventful things happen since my last post.

After finishing my first full day teaching, my university supervisor came to one of my classes to observe. She came on the day when I was reading aloud a short story to my students and we were working on identifying elements of the plot to determine the climax of the story. While reading, I had to stop a student from drawing X-rated pictures of his desk, ask a girl to stop plucking her eyebrows in class, and continually keep my sleep students awake. But, after finishing the story, my students engaged in a lively discussion and were able to remember new terms from the previous day. My supervisor was impressed with my presence and my ability to get students back on task. She will be back to observe me tomorrow, so I will need to tweek my lesson plan and iron out some details this afternoon.

I also attended my first roller derby practice! Because I did not have all my gear, I was unable to participate in practice, but I met some amazing ladies and I am totally stoked to get out on the flat track. My skates have been ordered and I sit waiting patiently for their arrival. I recently found out that my original derby name (Nancy Drewblood) has already been registered so I have to think of a new one. Please send any suggestions my way, being a future English teacher, I'm trying to keep my name on the literary/bookish side.

Yesterday, I volunteered at the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts Family Day. I had a blast! I wish I would have remembered to take some pics. The museum is promoting cultural diversity and the country the guest were transported to this weekend was China. There were arts and crafts, Tai-Chi demonstrations, and made from scratch Chinese food. I was in the kitchen with the food (Patrick complained I smelled like Chinese food the rest of the day). The most adorable little Chinese woman, Rose, who owns and operates the best Chinese restaurant in town, taught me how to make crab rangoon from start to finish. I learned how to use a wok and fry up dumplings. It was so fun!

Then yesterday afternoon, I shot engagement portraits for my dear friend Jamie. She's getting married in May and I'm her maid-of-honor. Since I will be unable to shoot the wedding, I wanted to shoot her engagement portraits. We had so much fun and the sunny weather held out for us. Thank goodness!





I'm off to work on lesson plans and homework and probably run by Target at some point. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.
If you have any ideas for derby names...Please help a sister out!

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