Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day!


Like much of the nation, we were hit by a winter storm that covered us in snow/ice/hail/stuff. Since they cancelled school, I spent the day cozy in my home, writing lesson plans, cleaning, and doing some laundry.

It reminded me of days when I was in school. Back home in Indiana, we had an abundance of snow days. We spent them sledding and ice skating, enjoying the hours of a school free day. All the neighborhood kids would come out wearing their winter gear armed with sleds and skates. Then, coming home sopping wet and making hot cocoa.

Now it's Netflix and coffee, taskstream and lit books.

Did you have the day off? How did you spend it? Please tell me you did something fun and child like!


Mrs. Miller said...

we tried to go sledding, but there wasn't enough snow, so i checked my mail and there was some netflix! so now i have something to do tomorrow. i watched some crazy zombie anime and ate hashbrowns. good luck with the lesson plans

aubrey said...

I love snow days, and today is day 2. Teaching is a nice schedule. I did catch up on laundry and school work, but that was yesterday. I love to bake, drink tea, and now with a kiddo, bust out the art supplies in the afternoon. Hope you enjoyed your day!

Anonymous said...

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