Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day: Couples Tribute

This being the day of love and all that, I thought I would take so time to pay tribute to some of the greatest couples of all time. This is not an extensive list, but merely a top 5 kinda list.

1. Elizabeth and Darcy

Elizabeth and Darcy's love transcends time. For hundreds of years, daydreaming ladies have read of their love affair and lets face it, it's awesome! Whether you're into the Colin Firth version or the latest Matthew MacFadyen adaptation, Mr. Darcy is the strong, silent type and Elizabeth's perfect match.

2. Joe Fox and Kathleen Kelley from 
You've Got Mail
I love this movie. I can watch it again and again. For one thing, Kathleen Kelley owns a bookshop in the West End, it's so adorable. The best part about this movie is when Tom Hanks (Joe Fox) knows that his online flirtation has been with this woman who hates him, but he pursues her anyway and begins to change her mind about him. And I love all the conversations that the two have about Ryan's online fella, when Tom Hanks knows full well he's making fun of himself. Plus, the ending always makes me cry, but I'm a bit of a cryer, thanks to my mother.

3. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert

Yeah, I know she married her first cousin and that's kinda gross. But, even though she was queen, their relationship was a partnership. She took his advice on matters of the state and diplomacy. They had 9 children together which later resulted in 42 grandchildren and when Prince Albert died, Queen Victoria stayed in mourning until her death 40 years later.

4.  Odysseus and Penelope
He's lost at sea after fighting the 9 year Trojan War and she is sitting at her loom waiting for her husband to return. In the dark of night, Penelope pulls out the loom work she completes during the day to keep her suitors at bay. Odysseus' one goal is to get back to his wife and Penelope knows that one day her husband will return. 

5. Ray and Beth Gillies

Yep, my mom and dad. They have been married 36 years and love each other to death! Plus, it's always nice to have a real live couple to try and live up to because left face it know of us will be Elizabeth and Darcy. They met in high school and their first date was a Beach Boys concert. They married in Indianapolis, Indiana and moved to Hawaii where Ray was stationed with the Navy. They moved back to Indiana to start their fabulous family. Rough times come and go but their love is always abundant. 

I know you have a list of your own...let me know, which couples are in your top 5?


Tracy said...

I love your list, and the photo of your mom and dad rocks!

Anonymous said...

I love that you included your parents! So cute.