Monday, March 21, 2011

Ta Da!

Photo by: Patrick Dove, my husband

That's me at derby practice. Apparently, I make this funny face when I'm skating. I have been having so much fun and all the girls are totally amazing! We have a bout coming up in a couple of weeks and hopefully, I'll be eligible to play. Don't worry mom, I always wear my pads.


alovelylittleworld said...

Omgosh! Sooooo cool! I'm completely jealous! I love your green outfit.

Chrissy said...

Whip it!!! Love it! So cool!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome shot! You look like you're having a blast. And is that a Girl Scout shirt I see??

Mrs. Miller said...

you look super cute! i want to come watch! i'm too scared to play! i showed clint this pic and told him your rad name, he goes..."awesome"