Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Spring Break is only 3 days away. 

My happiness is immeasurable!

I just needed to share!

Shawna, my dearest pal, has hinted that I might be returning to SXSW this year with her. We swore up and down that we wouldn't return after last year's debacle. but, I was thinking... is int' better to end on a good note than a sour experience?

So there is a possibility of high gas prices and zero sleep...I'll keep you posted!

On the Derby front
I may have a name...
The Scarlet Shredder. And my number will just be a big red A!
I'll start dying my hair red again. I kinda miss my red hair.

Tell me whatchya think....


Mrs. Miller said...

i love love it! i want to come see you roller derby! lets see what's the what for sxsw....i want to go, but i don't want to go...

Amanda said...

How cool about the Derby! I know Carrie K. (not sure of her Derby name!) from Goodfellow, our kids went to school together. (We've since moved to California so tell her Amanda (Sierra & Olivia's Mom, ha!) says hi!

Did you ever find the great flea market near Goodfellow? I already forgot the name of the Loop/Highway it was off of!

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!! Such a great name, good choice!