Thursday, May 19, 2011

3 Things Thursday

I've decided to use Thursday to state things that are on my mind. Happy or sad, thankful or regretful.

1. Frustration: Why is it impossible to get in contact with anyone from Yahoo Customer Service? I was forced to change my password, promptly forgot my password, and can't seem to remember the exact wording I used for my top secret security question. All I want to do is read my email. Help!

2. Excitement: In 5 days, I will be on a plane back home to Indiana. I haven't seen my family since December and I miss them terribly. My mom and I will go thrifting for goodies, whip up some crafts, and eat at my favorite restaurants. And I get to go to the Indianapolis 500 for the um-teenth time, I super excited!

3. Exhaustion: I have been told I over commit and this week it has caught up with me. I'm exhausted and trying to finish laundry and cleaning before I leave. I also have to figure out what to do with my cat now that my reliable kitty sitter has moved away. Geesh!

How's about you? I know we have more than 3 emotions swimming inside our heads, but give me a few, let me know I am not alone...

1 comment:

Mrs. Miller said...

awww i wish i was there to watch rilo. i'm not sure what emotions i have going on today procrastination an emotion? i miss you! i wanted to come visit this weekend, but i have no money for gas! i wish they would invent a transporter when is your roller derby game? I want to go, but i'll have to ask off for it...