Monday, May 16, 2011

Roller Derby Bake Sale

This weekend was a whirlwind. Friday started with wedding set up and rehearsals. Saturday was the wedding fun all day and well into the morning hours (pictures to follow), but Sunday was Roller Derby Bake Sale Day!

Salty Wench working our lovely new T shirts and our pretty bake sale sign.
Rocio and Laura (Spank 'N' Bury) ready to sling some baked goods.

The SASS ladies, myself included, whipped up tons of treats to raise money for the league. We also sold T shirts and stickers.

Sylvia, aka Hep Cat, super excited about our very first T shirt sale! Yeah!!

You guys want some cookies??

This guy and his friend each bought a t shirt, stickers, and yummy baked goods! Then they stopped before pulling out of the parking lot to show that he was already sporting our T!

Future derby girl showing off her new purchase! Besides raising money, we also recruited some girls to come out and skate.

This was the face that kept customers coming bake for treats! And I ran into one of my students this semester, Sarah. She was making a trip to Walmart with her mom. I think I might have freaked her mom out, but it was so much fun.

Altogether, we made some great money and also got the word out about San Angelo Roller Derby. We all had so much fun, but we always have fun together. Yeah, SASS!

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grrfeisty said...

this is awesome :) and good luck @ your first bout!