Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Derby Bout Recap

This past Saturday, the San Angelo Soul Sisters played the Abilene Derby Dames. This was my first bout since joining the team 6 months ago. It was a rough day for me. As a jammer, I got beat up pretty good. I got hit, went down, and knock my head against the cement. I got a bit of a shock and the EMTs had to check me out. No concussion, just a little rattled (Mama, I'm fine). Both my body and ego a bit bruised. Not the greatest derby debut, but hopefully the next bout will be better.

I had tons of family there, so I felt kinda bad about getting my a$$ kicked in front of Patrick's grandmother, but its what I signed up for. It's kinda funny really. As I am skating and I'm taking these hits and falling, I can hear the crowd go "Ohhhh!", so it must have looked pretty bad. Luckily for me, the adrenaline running through my body kept me from noticing the immediate pain, but I do have some fun bruises.

Here are a couple of photos, please check out my husband's blog for all the great pics of the bout. It's hard to take pictures when your getting pummeled.




Mrs. Miller said...

i'm sad i didn't get to go! but i'm glad you're ok and had fun! i checked out the pics on patrick's blog. :) you're too cute!

grrfeisty said...

ouch! sorry about your tumble! you're right...we totally sign up for this! haha and the photographs are AWESOME.