Friday, June 24, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

Reading my friend Shawna's blog, One More, With Feeling, I realized I haven't done a Fill in the Blank Friday in a while. But, it's never too late to start again.

1. The last thing I ate was a Grilled Chicken Wrap from Buffalo Wild Wings, after derby practice late last night.

2. The next thing I'd like to eat is Tacos Mexicanos.

3. The best things in life are free!

4. Something that makes me supremely and utterly happy is finishing a good book, giving a good hit in derby, and laughing with my husband.

5. Sports are fun to play, but better to watch if there are nachos involved.

6. I miss my family; they are just too far away.

7. Right now I am procrastinating writing a paper, drinking gas station coffee, and nervous about my first derby bout tomorrow.

And just a kitten in a bow-tie for kicks!


Angie said...

Ooo, I love Shawna's blog as well!!! Fill In The Blank Friday is a ton of a fun! That chicken wrap sounds SO darn delicious!!!

melanie said...

LOVE your blog. glad i found it!