Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I want to camp.

   Summer brings the heat and this inexplicable urge to go camping. When I was young, my family camped every summer. If we were going to visit someone, we would camp along the way. I thought everyone traveled this way, but as in turns out...we were kinda poor and it's the cheapest way to travel.
   As a child, I loved being outside, to hear the birds, feel the breeze, and lay with my eyes closed in the grass. I'm sure my parents didn't find camping across the country with 2 small children as whimsical as I did, but when I look back at pictures of our camping trips I can see all the fun they had.
   One trip took us through the Great Smokey Mountains. I was six and extremely friendly to a couple of baby black bears. My mother knowing a mama black bear would soon be following swept me up in a frenzy and locked us in the van. Soon a park ranger came through to warn us about the possibility of black bears roaming the campsite; he was a little late.
   Later in life, I became a camp counselor. Canoeing, hiking, and discovering everyday. From morning till night being outside and enjoying nature all day. As an adult, there isn't as much room for roaming the wild as I would like.
   Patrick and I went camping 3 years ago in Rocky Mountain National Park and it was amazing! We hiked everywhere and cooked on the fire. We've been talking about camping again this summer, after I finish school. Big Bend is only a couple hours away and we haven't been there yet, so it's possible come August I'll get to break out the camping gear again. I would love just a few days to wander and get lost, to find beauty in the simplicity, and stare at the sky.

So as inspiration for summer camping, a couple of pictures...

Are you camping this summer? Where are you going? 
Can I live vicariously through you?


Anonymous said...

Oooh great photos! I LOVELOVELOVE camping as well and luckily my husband was brought up camping too so he's a fan. We'll be taking a 5 day trip to the middle of nowhere somewhere here in CA--his family has been camping there for 30 years and it's so remote we have to dig holes since there aren't outhouses. Now that's rugged. ;)

baaarooke said...

I'm a music festival camper more recently but I think I could handle camping if it was more like these photos.
I too worked as a camp counsellor (made the trek to California from Australia) and I never really thought about how much time I spent out in nature - I loved it (naturally).
- Brooke

Monica {bohemian twilight} said...

i'm definitely not a camper. but i do love the atmosphere of certain camps, like music festivals.

and i adore tents! the whimsical, magical kind. i must make one in the backyard and in my bedroom.