Tuesday, July 5, 2011

3 things I learned over a 3 day weekend

I hope everyone enjoyed their Independence Day weekend. For those of you who were not under a burn ban, I hope you grilled and BBQ-ed till your hearts content. Because West Texas is so dry and flammable, our burn ban kept us from grilling and shooting fireworks. The city was still able to shoot fireworks, so don't feel too bad for us.

I was lucky enough to enjoy a 3 day weekend. It was much needed after my first summer session for school draining me of all my love for learning. I wrote a 6-20 page paper every other day, so a weekend without having to look up style rules in my APA Manual was a lovely break.

During my 3 day vacation, I learned a couple of things...

1. Faster Pussycat still Rocks!!!

One of my Sassters (roller derby team mates/sister) celebrated her birthday this weekend. So a bunch of girls got gussied up and headed to the Deadhorse. The Deadhorse is a bar in San Angelo owned by another Sasster whose band The Shotgun Rebels opened for Faster Pussycat. I remember listening to tapes of Faster Pussycat in someone's car, maybe my dad or uncle, not too sure, but incase you were wondering, they are still awesome. Sure, there is only one original member, but who cares if they put on a great show. And a big thanks goes to Lanie for bringing a band that famous to little San Angelo!

2. I'm left eye dominant, but shoot right-handed.

Linda McCartney
While enjoying the great American/Texan pastime of shooting guns, I learned I'm left-eye dominant. I had always shot pistols at the firing range with Patrick's parents, but this weekend I shot a rifle and had a bit of difficulty. Then Patrick asked, " Do you shoot pictures with your left eye." As it turns out, I do. Added to this little quirk, I am also left-foot dominant. Maybe I am an accidental right handed person, maybe I was supposed to be a lefty.

3. Drunk surveyors moved our nation's border

How the States Got Their Shapes on the History Channel is super educational. I learned states gave up territory just to get rid of unruly inhabitants. We had a state called Franklin for 4 years where Tennessee is now. And my favorite, A couple of drunk surveyors incorrectly plotted the border between Canada and Vermont and we went a built a fort in Canada...teehee. While the US/Canada border follows the 45th parallel North for the majority of the country, these fellas spent a little too much money on the ale and plotted the border a kilometer into Canada. This show is funny and educational...it's on Tuesdays if you get a chance to watch it.

You learn anything over the break? Something about yourself, about our nation?

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