Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Okay it's official...I'm addicted

If you are like me, then you have spent hours scrolling through pages and pages of items on Pinterest. I'm not really a facebook kinda gal. I mean don't get me wrong; it is the easiest way to cyber-stalk someone, but pinterest has made me clever-er than I actually am. I am a cheater. I am super lazy when it comes to hair and make-up and pinterest has taught me some fabulous hair cheats to make me look like I care more than I do.

So here are 3 pins that have rained compliments upon me, and hopefully you will receive the same recognition.

1. The Sock Bun
Every time I do a sock bun, I am complimented on how wonderful my hair looks. It's crazy easy and automatically cleans up a lazy day outfit.

                                                               Source: the-other-emily.blogspot.com via Brooke on Pinterest

2. The Five Minute Ponytail
If you are looking for a super simple way to dress up a ponytail...this is it. 

                                                                        Source: blogs.babble.com via Brooke on Pinterest

3. Sock Curls
An updated version of rag curls without the end result of Shirley Temple hair. These are not the sock bun curls. I have used this no heat curling method for weddings and events or everyday fabulousness. I'm not saying it comes out perfect every time, but I just use my flat iron to touch up a few curls, but in all, this is idiot proof.

                                                                   Source: thepapermama.blogspot.com via Sandra on Pinterest

If you are like me and enjoy every minute of sleep and need quick beauty tips, check out my board, beauty and the lazy.

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Diana said...

I love pinning hair things, but I'm so terrible at actually doing anything fun with my hair. I just make my friends do it for me! Haha.