Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Skater-tot Scavenger Hunt

Here at the San Angelo Soul Sisters Roller Derby, we have a Skater-tot program for the incoming skaters. Each newbie/skater-tot is paired with a seasoned skater or Big Mac. I have had Skater-tots who have graduated to the ranks of Big Macs and now have their own skater-tots. I currently have 2 Skater-tots Haley and Janae.

To help with team bonding, we decided to turn Tuesday's practice into a scavenger hunt. Skater-tots and Big Macs paired up to hunt down the painted sheep San Angelo has posted up. The Happy Meal team with the most pics won...sadly, we did not, nut we had tons of fun!

I've been trampled by a fiberglass sheep.
It's an equation that equals...Janae is an awesome math teacher!
Mac and Tot!
I got to hear a secret...I have no idea what Ashley is listening for.

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