Monday, January 28, 2013

Everyday Joy

I use Instagram...a lot. It's like Facebook without the garbage posts I don't care about. I started a small project on January 1st called Everyday Joy. Everyday, I try to find something to find joy in. It started out great and I did a wonderful job of keeping up... then I got sick and did a horrible job. So here I am telling you that I am starting it again.

Join me in finding everyday joy. Just add #everydayjoy to your photos. If you would like to add text to your photos like I did, you can download the Overgram app.

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GrahamcrackerGoldfish said...

HI Brooke Ann Dove. I just found your crocheted infinity scarf while looking for something to make and send to my niece who lives in New Zealand. Their seasons are opposite of ours, of course, so the scarf will be timely. I am enjoying your sense of wonder at beautiful and quirky things and wishing there were more/newer posts.
I don't know why I am writing except to say that I love your style and the art you so enjoy. I am thinking of retiring from my job as an elem. school library aide and am enjoying the idea of all the wonderful crafts and artistic endeavors I will be able to enmesh myself in. I have begun the infinity scarf. After pulling out the started project twice now, the third time will be the charm. My beautiful yarn is Yarn Bee "Effervesce" in Red Velvet. Gorgeous! However!!! It is a pill to work with. What is your trick to getting the chain straight? This time I am going to lay it out on a white towel and attempt to capture the end before it moves. If that doesn't work . . .?
Thank you for your enthusiasm.