Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Travel Art Journal

The school year has end (praise the heavens), and this year I am leaving for the British Virgin Islands in 2 days. This is a wonderful vacation that I married into. To sum it up, I'm island hopping on a sailboat for 10 days. I know, right?!?

This leaves me with the considerable task of packing for 10 days in two carry-on. I searched the web, Pinterest, Read It, etc. for hints or lists on what to pack for a vacation like this. Since I am not sailing the boat (I leave that to more experienced members of the crew), I am not responsible for the essential boat equipment; I am responsible for getting the drinks. So essentially, I just need to be comfortable and pack lots of sunscreen. But this will be my second time going, I feel I have a better idea on what to pack and what to leave behind.

One essential I've been working on in preparation for my trip is my art journal. I decided to create one specific for this trip and I even tried a new DIY journal style. I used a 9x12 inch mailer envelope and followed the instructions here. I have also packed a little pouch with the essential journaling tools (see below). To create this little book, I used an assortment of papers: watercolor, vintage book pages, brown craft paper, paint chips, and Smash Book photo pages from Micheal's. To create my backgrounds, I use acrylic craft paint, spray inks, stamps, and Sharpies.

Here is a look at the journal before I begin recording my fabulous adventure...so excited!

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Charity Blaine said...

Your journal IS the piece of Art. It's amazing. Seriously.